Underwater WEB

The Underwater WEB is a smart underwater communication system suitable for any application where a high number of underwater detecting system/devices must be steadily deployed at sea in a large area, powered and properly connected to a receiving unit/centre on shore. Therefore the system can be very useful in a number of applications like underwater networks for port protection, marine traffic monitoring, seismic monitoring, mammal survey.

The Underwater WEB is capable to interface a very high number of underwater sub-systems (called host units: systems/devices/sensors like sonars, hydrophone arrays, acquisition systems, etc) and to connect the output of such units to an on-shore control unit.In other words the underwater web allows to use:
  • One communication cable only (instead of multiple communication/power supply cables usually necessary to operate each single system/device/sensor of a underwater network)
  • One control unit only (instead of multiple control units, one per each sub-system)
DESIGN The cable of the WEB has been designed with proper fibre optic conductors (for data communication), copper conductors (for power supply), adequate mechanical properties (1.000 Kg of breaking strength) even though its dimensions have been kept low (diameter lower than 20 mm and minimal bending ray) for easy transportation and deployment at sea.Underwater nodes, to be used between successive network tracts, are special underwater boxes with proper electronics for host units interface and network backbone continuity. The nodes have been designed to interface most underwater sub-systems available on the market, they are small in dimensions, easy to be deployed at sea, duly resistant to work in long term underwater conditions. WEB design allows to:
  • Connect each host unit to a node (through 100 Mbps Ethernet lines on copper cable)
  • Carry data from all the connected host units (through 1 Gbps Ethernet fibre optic backbone) to the on-shore control unit
  • Forward commands from the on-shore control unit to the connected host units
  • Use COTS/industrial PC as the on-shore control unit
  • Supply power to all the connected host units
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