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DH Series Digital Hydrophones

DH SERIES is a family of low-noise, low-power digital hydrophones usable in a very wide range of applications:  

  • Shallow water applications. It can be deployed from surface platforms (Vessels, Shore Labs, Buoys) through an underwater cable
  • Deep water applications. it can be part of the payload of deep water platforms (AUVs, ROVs, Underwater Observatories)

Models available: DH100, DH200GP, DH200HS, DH400, DH800   

SMID Receive Platforms can be used to interface any of the DH Series Digital Hydrophones.

Different types of platforms are available for a wide range of applications: 

  • One-channel surface platform with cable connection  (vessels, on shore labs)
  • Four-channels surface platform with cable connection (vessels, on shore labs)
  • Autonomous platform for self-recording configurations (buoys, AUV, ROVs)
Download our PDF brochures:
DH Series Digital Hydrophones pdf
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